Zonit Z-ATS Industrial

Maximum uptime for digital industrial devices: It brings the redundancy of an automatic transfer switch to mission critical equipment and keeps their digital control modules online

Data centres depend on a variety of digitally controlled infrastructure components such as air handlers, CRAC units, alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and other mission-critical elements. These components have MCU (microprocessor control unit) “brains” that typically do not have dual power supply capability. The Z-ATS Industrial adds power path redundancy that allows for power system maintenance without downtime. This is essential in the 365x24x7 operations world we now live in.

The Zonit Z-ATS Industrial was developed precisely for keeping digitally controlled devices up and running. The Industrial is the world’s smallest, most efficient and most rugged Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). It is an easy to install unit that offers power path fail-over for your essential data centre digitally controlled infrastructure. In the event of a power failure, the Industrial automatically switches from the primary power source to the backup source, guaranteeing that power delivery continues. This allows data centre experts to perform scheduled maintenance on power path components, like UPS units, whilst the critical infrastructure is still up and running.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Microprocessor control modules never have to go offline again.
  • Minimises the downtime of digitally controlled equipment and devices.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies can be taken offline for maintenance while the controller stays online
  • Combines simple “cut and paste” power redundancy and maintenance bypass provisioning
  • Z-Crush current limiting technology to protect against transient currents resulting from potential differences between the A and B source
  • MOV – voltage protection against transient spikes
  • Hardened against poor power quality
  • Auto-ranging 100-277V – can be used around the globe.
  • Very wide ambient temperature range (-40°C to 75°C) offers deployment in harsh environments
  • The integrated DIN rail mounting, and patented T-slots for DIN rail adapters make it suitable for a variety of rail mountings and a quick installation and integration right out of the box
  • Ultra-compact dimensions (L x W x D): 164 x 79 x 37 mm – in terms of length and width, it is only slightly larger than smartphones from leading manufacturers that have Max or Ultra in their names.