Zonit Micro Transfer Switch

Single power IT devices easy to retrofit with redundant power supply

The Micro Automatic Transfer Switch (μATS™) from Zonit, which doesn’t take up any space in the rack (zero U: device), is the world’s smallest and most compact transfer switching solution that makes it easy to retrofit existing servers and network components with a redundant power supply. This is done simply by connecting the Zonit μATS™ to the central power supply of a network device and establishing a physical connection to an A and B circuit. During normal operation, the Zonit system gets the power it needs to feed the components exclusively from the A circuit. If this circuit fails, the transfer switch automatically switches to the B circuit in just 9 to 11 milliseconds – i.e. ten to twelve times faster than the blink of an eye – and regardless of the phase angle. This circuit then supplies the connected components with all the power they need until the A circuit is ready again to assume the full load. The circuit doesn’t just switch from A to B if the A feed is completely down: even in the event of impending AC frequency increases or overvoltage or undervoltage, the Zonit transfer switch changes from the A to B feed until an acceptable level of power quality is reached again with A.

Maximum protection of IT devices from overload, failure and damage

One of the safety features of the Zonit μATS™ is a patent-pending virtual circuit breaker that immediately triggers an audio alarm if the maximum current of 8A is exceeded. If the excess current continues, the Zonit transfer switch caps the power supply to protect the IT component and a red LED lights up to indicate the off status. It can be manually restarted with the restart button on the transfer switch chassis. Another circuit breaker inside the device is only triggered if, for example, the connected IT device short circuits. This means that the connected IT hardware has maximum protection from malfunctions, failure or even damage caused by power loss at all times.

Available to retrofit a redundant power supply for 1, 2 or 3 IT devices with a single transfer switch

There are different versions of the Zonit Micro Automatic Transfer switch available. The standard single-port version has a C13 connector integrated at the switch. The 1-port "Y" model has a 22cm long cable at the C13 connector. 2-port and 3-port "Hydra" versions are also available. Both are particularly suited for use in highly dense environments. All versions handle voltages between 208 and 240 volts at up to 8 amperes. 

Zonit μATS™ transfer switch highlights

  • Ultra-compact transfer switch with 1, 2 or 3 ports
  • Zero U device
  • Single-power devices are supplied with redundant power
  • 8 A version for 208 to 240 volts
  • Only 9 to 11 ms to switch from primary to secondary power supply
  • Switch from A to B circuit regardless of phase angle
  • Virtual circuit breaker with audio alarm
  • Power supply automatically capped in the event of excess current
  • “Hot walk” feature for simple relocation with interrupting the power supply