TCP/IP KVM Extenders

Ultra compact IP extender for remote access to servers, KVM switches and serial devices

TCP/IP KVM extenders are harware based remote access solutions for administrators and consultants. They allow unrestricted access to remote servers or computers and serial devices as well as giving access to any analogue KVM switch. The TCP/IP extension solutions support nearly all manufacturer's analogue KVM Switches for easy remote access to existing systems. Even serial devices, like firewalls, network switches, routers and intelligent power strips, can be remotely accessed from a web browser. IT service providers no longer have to make costly trips to customer sites to fix or repair software issues or reboot systems. This cost effective solution is ideal for those, who have remote analogue KVM Switches and active network components that need to be administered from time to time. Signal compression for real-time video transfer is one of the numerous features of IP-based KVM extenders that allow for crisp, images even over long distances. All signals are encrypted for secure transmissions.

Typically specifications of TCP/IP KVM extension solutions

  • Ultra compact IP extender for remote access
  • Web browser remote access to servers, KVM switches and serial devices
  • Access to BIOS level
  • Secure encryption
  • High video resolution
  • Perfect tool for remote access, problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Compatible with nearly all analogue KVM switches

Manufacturer and model-dependent vary

  • Video resolution
  • Support for local and/or remote user
  • Out-of-band access
  • External modem support
  • Encryption technology
  • Supported CATx category of cables
  • Compatibility with KVM solutions of different manufacturers
  • Optional connection for rack PDU
  • Additional port for serial hardware (router, switches, firewalls etc.)