SL-500X ServerLIFT Brand Lifter

Automatic lifter to transport and install heavy IT components in data centres

In the past, rack mounting and moving heavy and bulky IT components around the data centre was difficult. This back breaking work was performed by the data centre technical or facility personnel with only some relief provided by using a trolley or cart to move the equipment to the cabinets. At least two people were needed to lift the heavy IT equipment up to the desired RU space in the cabinet. This procedure presents a high risk of injury for the data centre staff as well as a potential danger of damaging sensitive and valuable IT equipment. These difficulties are compounded by the fact that today’s data centres are growing dynamically and therefore IT hardware has to be changed, supplemented, relocated and reconfigured ever more frequently. Trolley carts and the muscle power of the IT staff naturally reach their physical limits, so the only way to correspond to the increasing demands is to use a capable transportation and lifting solution.

The SL-500X electric data centre lift is an automatically operated lifting trolley for the safe transport and easy integration of servers and other IT components in data centres. Able to handle loads of up to 226.8 kg, it allows data centre personnel to move even the heaviest IT equipment to the racks by themselves. This equipment can then be lifted up to a height of 2.4 m and inserted into any rack unit. It takes just 30 seconds to automatically lift the equipment from floor level up to the maximum height. The data centre lifter can be loaded from both the right or left side of the platform.

The lifter, which is only 60 cm wide, is especially compact and thus easy to navigate through narrow doorways and rack aisles. Its excellent manoeuvrability is supplied by a locking system for the front wheels which allows the lifter to rotate on its axis to every degree even in the narrowest of rack corridors. A single operator is able to navigate the heavy load easily through doorways, narrow data centre aisles and can rotate on it on its axis to any degree and into the smallest of spaces.

For added convenience, the SL-500X lifting device is equipped with a built-in battery charger and charge indicator. Both guarantee that the lift-solution is provided with the optimal power for its heaviest work at any time. To make sure that this can be done with the required safety and stableness, the wheels of the chassis are secured for each lifting process with the integrated stabiliser brake system.

The SL-500X ServerLIFT® brand lifting device highlights:

  • Platform can be lowered to the bottom of the rack
  • The telescopically extendable platform can be raised up to a height of 2.4 m within just 30 seconds
  • The front wheels can be locked for extremely precise manoeuvring and stable positioning during loading
  • Maximum capacity: 226.8 kg
  • Can be loaded from both sides
  • Also ideal for use in contained cold or warm aisles
  • Fail-safe and powerful battery allows continuous operation of up to 8 hours when fully charged
  • Non-hydraulic winch motor