SL-500FX ServerLIFT Brand Lifter

Front lifter with extendable platform for easy insertion and installation of servers and other IT equipment into racks with no back injuries

The SL-500FX electric lift is an automatic and battery-powered lifter with a platform that can be extended at the front by up to 29.2 cm to allow IT equipment such as servers, network switches, UPSs and other equipment to be securely inserted deep into the rack and easily installed. The platform can even be extended by up to 50.8 cm using an extension supplied with purchase. The maximum capacity of the standard version is 226.8 kg and 158.76 kg of the unit with extension. The platform can start just a few centimetres above floor height and be raised up to 2.44 m. It can be loaded from both the right and left side of the platform. The support arm has a TouchSTOP sensor that immediately stops the lifting process if it comes into contact with the data centre ceiling, roof panels, low-hanging lines or other height constraints.

Stable platform, excellent manoeuvrability and continuous operation of the data centre lifting and transport solution

The compact dimensions of the SL-500FX safety lifting device and the dual locking system for the wheels ensure excellent manoeuvrability even in narrow rack corridors or contained aisles. The QuickTILT Leveling system easily and quickly compensates for uneven floors and inclined positions of up to 5 degrees. When the battery is fully charged, the server handling lifter can be reliably operated up to 8 hours.

The SL-500FX ServerLIFT® brand lifter highlights:

  • Platform can be lowered to the bottom of the rack
  • Front platform extendable up to 50.8 cm
  • Ideal to insert equipment deep into the rack
  • TouchSTOP sensor integrated into the support arm
  • Maximum height of the platform: 2.44 m
  • Maximum capacity approx. 226.8 kg
  • Can be loaded from both sides
  • Wheels lock for good manoeuvrability in narrow spaces
  • Stable positioning
  • Fail-safe and powerful battery
  • Charged battery allows for approx. 8 hours of continuous operation
  • Non-hydraulic winch motor