SL-1000X ServerLIFT Brand Lifter

The optimum lifting, transport and installation solution for the heaviest IT equipment in server rooms and data centres

Heavy IT equipment weighing more than 450 kg is a breeze to move to any location within a data centre with the SL-1000X electric lift which can lift servers and other equipment up to a height of 2.66 m fully automatically in just a few seconds. One person can easily navigate the chassis on wheels to the exact position even through the narrowest rack corridors or contained cold or warm aisles. This is made possible by sophisticated positioning and suspension of the wheels which have a dual locking system, allowing the lifter to rotate on its axis to every degree even in the narrowest of rack corridors.

Easy loading of platform and precise insertion into the rack

The SL-1000X data centre lift can be loaded from either the right or left side. As a result, the IT equipment to be installed in a rack is always perfectly aligned and ideally positioned for insertion. After the equipment is vertically lifted to the required height, it is then inserted horizontally by an extendable platform right into the free RU space of the rack where it can be permanently installed and cabled in the rack without a great deal of effort. If need be, an integrated automatic TouchStop sensor immediately stops the vertically extendable support arm if it comes into contact with the room ceiling, roof panels, low-hanging lines or other structural height constraints.

A powerful battery provides the SL-1000X electric data centre lift with the power it needs to perform even heavy-duty work. To ensure that this kind of work can be performed with the required safety and stability, the wheels of the chassis are locked into place by an integrated locking system every time equipment is lifted.

The highlights of the SL-1000X ServerLIFT® brand data centre lifting solution:

  • Platform can be lowered to the bottom of the rack
  • Telescopically extendable platform
  • TouchStop sensor integrated into support arm
  • Maximum height 2.66 m
  • Maximum capacity of up 453 kg
  • Can be loaded from both sides
  • Wheels lock for good manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces
  • Stability through dual locking system
  • Also ideal in contained cold or warm aisles
  • Fail-safe and powerful battery
  • Non-hydraulic winch motor