LE-500X Lift Extension

Vertically lift servers or other heavy IT equipment directly out of the packaging with no back injuries

The LE-500X lift extension module is an add-on for the SL-500X and SL-350X electric data centre lifter models that makes it possible to vertically lift heavy IT equipment directly out of a stable packaging box or crate. The extension module is simply inserted under the platform of the automatically or manually operated ServerLIFT® brand lifting solutions and manually attached to the lifting mechanism. The square steel frame of the LE-500X lifter has retaining lugs on each corner where the stable support straps supplied with the LE-500X lift extension module can be attached. The support straps are simply lashed around the equipment on the right and left in the packaging box and then hooked in to the retaining lugs. The lifting platform of the SL-1000X electric data centre lifter is then raised (automatically or with a hand-crank depending on the model), the IT device simply lifted out of the packaging in a stable position and placed directly into the rack unit where the equipment is to be integrated and installed.

The highlights of the LE-500X Lift Extension ServerLIFT® brand accessory module:

  • Extension for vertical lifting of heavy IT equipment directly from a packaging box or crate
  • Easy retrofitting and use with the  SL-500X and SL-350X electric data centre lifter
  • Maximum capacity: 227 kg (SL-500X) and 160 kg (SL-350X)
  • Stable steel design
  • Support straps supplied with purchase
  • ServerLIFT® brand accessory modules can be quickly and easily attached and removed