FE-3X Extended Shelf

Eases face-mounted and fixed-rail installations by providing rigid support for the server deep into any rack

For use with the SL-500X ServerLIFT® brand front loading lift, the FE-3X Extended Shelf nearly doubles the forward reach of the SL-500FX electric lift platform. It is ideal for the installation or removal of face-mounted or fixed-rail-mounted servers. The combo is perfect for facilities with wide aisles and for manufacturers loading into cabinets mounted on pallets.


  • Holds equipment in place much deeper into the rack
  • Server support and positioning for fixed-rail and face-mounted installs
  • Reaches across the lip of the pallet, supporting servers into skid-mounted cabinets
  • Thin profile facilitates space-efficient server stacking
  • Supports up to 226 kg at the centre and 136 kg at the extended front edge
  • Adds 24 cm to the extended SL-500FX electric lift platform for a full 50 cm of forward server support