RLE WiNG RTD Wireless Transmitter

Wireless Transmitter with RTD Temperature Sensor Input

The RLE WiNG RTD Wireless Transmitter with RTD temperature input converts a wired 1K Ohm platinum RTD (PT1000) temperature sensor in to a wireless signal that can be implemented into a WiNG-MGR monitoring system. The correponding readings are transferred  wire-free to the WiNG Manager. The transmission range between sensor and management unit is up to 180m. When using an optional WiNG Range Extender this range can be extended up to 300m. The wireless signal transmission takes place every 10/20 seconds. The WiNG-DAP Sensor is available in 900Mhz and 868MHz configurations. The battery can last up to 12 years under normal room temperature conditions.

Highlights RLE WiNG RTD Wireless Transmitter with RTD input

  • Wirelessly transmits readings from a wired PT1000
  • Input accepts one 2-wire 1000 ohm platinum (pt1000) probe RTD sensor
  • Fully compatible with WiNG Manager and additional WiNG Range Extender
  • Wire-free: 868 or 900MHz (model dependent)
  • Signal transmission every 10/20 seconds (polling rate) to the WiNG Manager
  • Packet transmission accuracy that exceeds 98%
  • Transmission range between sensors and manager:
    • Up to 30,48 m (100‘) through multiple walls
    • Up to 82,3 m (270‘) through one wall
    • Up to 182,88 m (600‘) direct line of sight
    • Up to 304,8 m (1000‘) direct line of sight with a WiNG-RXT range extender