RLE WiNG Range Extender

The WiNG Range Extender significantly increases the WiNG leak detection system’s transmission range

The WiNG Range Extender (RXT) enhances the wire-free radio signal between the WiNG Manager and sensor modules and extends the transmission range up to 300m. The WiNG Range Extender is especially suited for the usage in complex physical or noisy RF data centre environments to provide the extra signal strength for the RLE leak detection system. For a maximum signal coverage, external antennas are included into the WiNG-RXT solution.

Highlights RLE WiNG Range Extender:

  • Range extension for wire-free signal transmission  up to 300m
  • Up to 180m: WiNG Sensor to Manager in the room
  • Up to 80m: WiNG Sensor to Manager through one wall
  • Up to 30m: WiNG Sensor to Manager through several walls
  • Communication and connectivity:
    • Wire-free: 868 or 900MHz (model dependent)
    • USB port for serial port emulation for analysis and firmware upgrades