RLE WiNG Manager

The brain of the wire-free WiNG leak detection solution for the data centre

The RLE WiNG-Manager (MGR) is the control centre of the RLE wire-free leak detection solution. It receives and manages the status reports of all RLE detection modules in the data centre. In the case that a liquid contact is detected, alerts will be generated by the WiNG Manager system. It also allows setting of predefined thresholds and manages user and access rights. For the communication with BMS or DCIM applications, SNMP, Modbus or BACnet is used. The WiNG-Manager offers a web based, intuitive to use graphical user interface (GUI), which gives data centre experts absolute control over their comprehensive leak detection and early warning system from RLE Technologies.

Highlights RLE WiNG-Manager:

  • Supports up to 250 sensors on a single WiNG-MGR.
  • Up to 400 sensors with WiNG Range Extender units.
  • Transmission range up to 180m, increasing up to 300m with WiNG Range Extender
  • Signal transmission every 10/20 seconds (polling rate) between wire-free sensors and WiNG Manager
  • Support for third-party BMS and DCIM applications
  • Communication and connectivity:
    • Wire-free: 868 or 900MHz (model dependent)
    • Ethernet, RS232, EIA-485, USB
    •  TCP/IP, Modbus, BACnet, terminal emulation