RLE WiNG-LD Leak Detection Module

Coupled with a RLE spot detector or any of the RLE leak detection sensing cables, the RLE WiNG-LD detects and reports leaks in any facility

The WiNG-LD Leak Detection Wireless Module can be coupled with RLE spot detectors and/or sensing cables and converts their analog signals into wire-free radio signals that are transferred to the WiNG Manager. One single module can be used in conjunction with one SD-Z1 spot dector or together with one SD-Z spot detector and a sensing cable of up to 15m in length. Another option is to use the LD-Module in conjunction with a RLE sensing cable of up to 30.5m in length. Every 10 to 20 seconds the actual detection status will be reported to the WiNG Manager.

Highlights RLE WiNG-LD Leak Detection Module:

  • Converts analog leak detection signals into wire-free radio signals
  • Fully compatible with various RLE spot detectors and sensing cables
  • WiNG-LD supports SC-xx sensing cables
  • WiNG-LDM supports SC-C chemical sensing cables
  • Signal transmission every 10/20 seconds (polling rate) to the WiNG Manager
  • Up to 12 years battery life
    • Up to 5 years (full operating temperature range)
    • Up to 8 years (at room temperature up to 50°C)
    • Up to 12 years (at normal room temperature level)
    • Communication and connectivity:
      • Wire-free: 868 or 900MHz (model dependent)
      • Coupling with SD-Z or SD-Z1 spot detector
      • Coupling with RLE sensing cables (various types)