RLE WiNG AIR Velocity Sensors

Wirelessly monitor air velocity in the data centre 

Poor or obstructed airflow can significantly affect cooling performance and lead to equipment failure. WiNG-AIR sensors track changes in airflow to monitor air handling equipment and quickly detect impeded airflow, stalled fans, leaks, blockages or clogged filters for avoiding unnecessary downtime. There are three different configurations available to suit any application: The WiNG AIR10 with a range of 0-10 metres per second, the WiNG AIR4 (range 0-4 metres per sesond) for highly precision monitoring and the WiNG AIR3 solution with a  range of 0-3 metres per second.

Highlights RLE WiNG AIR Velocity Sensors:

  • Wirelessly track changes in airflow to monitor air handling equipment
  • Monitor air velocity in a wide variety of spaces, including:
    • Fans and ducts
    • Plenum spaces
  • Available in three configurations:
    • WiNG AIR10 (range: 0-10 meters per second, +/-10%)
  • WiNG AIR4 (range: 0-4 meters per second, +/-5%)
  • WiNG AIR10 (range: 0-3 meters per second, +/-5%)
  • Signal transmission every 10/20 seconds (polling rate) to the WiNG Manager
  • Packet transmission accuracy that exceeds 98%
  • Transmission range between sensors and manager:
    • Up to 30,48 m (100‘) through multiple walls
    • Up to 82,3 m (270‘) through one wall
    • Up to 182,88 m (600‘) direct line of sight
    • Up to 304,8 m (1000‘) direct line of sight with a WiNG-RXT range extender