RLE Triad Chamfer Perforated Floor Tile

Airflow tile that fits into new or existing raised floor systems to provide optimal airflow distribution in front of server racks

To ensure conditioned air makes its way from the CRAC unit through the raised floor, to the cold aisle and finally to the front of the server racks, it is necessary to ensure optimal airflow conditions at all raised floor openings. The Chamfer floor tile delivers cooled air to server racks and eliminates hot spots without depleting airfow required by other servers and rows within a facility.

Chamfer 56% open area airflow panels are designed to provide maximum airflow distribution that fits into any new or existing raised floor system. All chamfer panels include the patented stratification fin – one of the hallmarks of Triad panels. This fin allows to direct the flow of conditioned air directly to the fronts of the server racks, eliminating hotspots and areas with poor air circulation. The fin also provides increased upper server cooling, dropping significantly server temperatures while lowering energy consumption

Triad Chamfer floor tile includes patented integrated handles, which make the lifting and moving of the panels fast, safe and easy. The Chamfer tiles are available in 600 x 600 mm metric size and a variety of load limits (rated up to 5,000 lb/2267kg).

Highlights RLE Triad Chamfer Perforated Floor Tile:

  • Fits into any existing or new raised floor system
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Increases cooling effectiveness
  • 56% top open area
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Load rating: available in 1,500 lb (680kg), 3,000 lb (1360kg), 4,000 lb (1814kg) or 5,000 lb (2267kg)
  • Heavy steel composition
  • Multi-directional grate pattern
  • Horizontal and vertical levelers
  • Grey flek or crystal white powder coat finish