RLE SD-Z1 Single Spot Detector

Ideal for the reliable detection of leaks in confined areas

The SD-Z1 is a single zone spot detector designed to work with RLE zone leak detection systems (F200, LD310, LD1000 and LDRA6). RLE Technologies recommends using only one SD-Z1 per zone. Further the SD-Z spot detector can be used with a WiNG-LD Transmitter and WiNG-Manager to provide wireless leak detection in your data centre facility. One SD-Z1 spot detector can be directly connected to the WiNG-LD Transmitter.

Highlights RLE SD-Z1 Spot Detector:

  • Compatible with any RLE zone leak detection controller and WiNG-LD unit
  • Functions when submerged in water
  • No exposed metal sensing post
  • Adjustable probes are easily adjusted to desired height
  • Can be screwed or ram set to floor or baseboard
  • Small footprint/enclosure
  • Simple installation
  • Ideal for tight areas