RLE SD-Z Spot Detector

Ideal for the monitoring of small spaces and the most economical way to detect fluids in confined areas

Designed to work with all of RLE’s leak detection controllers, the SD-Z spot detector can be connected to other SD-Z units or to sensing or non-sensing cable. Further the SD-Z spot detector can be used with a WiNG-LD Transmitter and WiNG-Manager to provide wireless leak detection in your data centre facility.

The SD-Z can be used with either zone or distance-read leak detection controllers from RLE. When used with a distance-read system, the SD-Z simulates 50 feet of cable – 25ft. (7.62m) from the male connector to the SD-Z, and 25ft. (7.62m) from the SD-Z to the female connector. In conjunction with the WiNG-LD Transmitter and WiNG-Manager the SD-Z spot detector can be used together with an up to an additional 50 feet (15m) of RLE leak detection sensing cable.

Highlights RLE SD-Z Spot Detector:

  • Compatible with any SeaHawk controller and WiNG-LD unit
  • No exposed metal sensing post
  • Four different spot detector configurations available to suit individual installation and monitoring needs
  • When used with a RLE distance-read controller, the SD-Z simulates 50 feet (15.24m) of SeaHawk leak detection cable.
  • Adjustable probes are easily adjusted to desired height
  • Can be screwed or ram set to floor or baseboard
  • Small footprint/enclosure
  • Simple installation
  • Ideal for tight areas