RLE SC-C Chemical Sensing Cable

Reliable detection of leaks via the presence of acids, bases and other conductive liquids in the data centre

The corrosion-resistant sensing cable (SC-C) from RLE technologies is used to reliably detect leaks via the presence of acids bases and other conductive liquid to protect data centre facilities and IT equipment from damage and downtime. If such kind of liquids get into contact at any point along the length of the cable, alarms will be triggered. The sensing wires are covered with a non-conductive polymer mesh. Therefore dirt, dust and contact with metal will not generate false alarms. After exposure to harsh chemicals, the sensing cable can be cleaned and re-used even after exposure. The four wire construction allows the system to continually monitor the cable and identify damaged or disconnected cables.

Highlights RLE SC-C Chemical Sensing Cable:

  • Compatible with RLE distance read and zone controllers and WiNG LDM modules
  • Detects any conductive fluid
  • Resists damage from acids and bases
  • Designed to eliminate false alarm
  • Fast drying; quickly resets to detect the next leak
  • Durable yet flexible design
  • Patented since 2012
  • Available in standard and custom lengths with pre-installed twist-lock connectors
  • Applications:
    • Battery rooms
    • Labs
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Chemical storage tanks
    • Pharmaceutical plants