RLE 1WIRE-TS Temperature Sensor

Plug-and-Play wired sensor for accurate temperature readings almost immediately

Designed for the usage together with the F200 facility monitoring system from RLE, the 1WIRE-TS temperature sensor is a true plug-and-play device, which easily can be connected to the controller to view accurate temperature readings in your data centre environment almost instantly. The compact design and long leader cable allow you to monitor temperature in areas that are too small or to remote for other sensors.

A 7.6m leader on the sensor allows you to monitor temperature readings from a variety of different points within the vicinity of the controller. From floor to ceiling and corner to corner – you’ll know the real-time temperature within your facility.

Highlights RLE 1WIRE-TS Temperature Sensor:

  • Compatible with RLE F200 facility monitoring device
  • Small sensor with 7.6m of flexible leader cable
  • Temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2°C
  • Option to add additional 22.8m of RJ11 leader cable to extend the sensor’s reach
  • To secure the leader cable or to fasten the sensor at a desired location, J-clips can be used.
  • Applications:
    • From floor to ceiling and corner to corner, this compact sensor with an F200 system offers you to monitor temperature fluctuations in the data centre in real time.