ProDevice Shredder DGX02

Physical final destruction of data carriers of all kind

The mobile, automatic industrial shredder ProDevice DGX02 is a device of the latest generation for the physical final destruction of data carriers of all kinds. The device is aimed at companies and institutions that regularly have to destroy large amounts of storage media. The shredder works quickly and reliably.

Application safety and industrial efficiency

The ProDevice DGX02 is safe to use. The shredder's stable legs ensure stability during operation. The automatic reverse of the cutting systme protects the engine from overloading in the event of media jams. The drawer media feeding system is equipped with a contactor protection. As a result, opening the drawer will stop the blades. The shredder can also be stopped at any time by pressing the emergency button. Its power, versatility and reliability are highly valued by companies providing media destruction services.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Hardened cutters shred all types of data carriers: hard drives (including server drives), optical and SSD drives, tapes for streamers, floppy disks, thermal transfer tapes, flash media, mobile phones, tablets and laptops (Lithium batteries need to be removed from mobile phones, tablets and tablets before the destruction/shredding process.).
  • The 5.5 kW engine is designed for continuous operation.
  • In the class of industrial devices, the shredder is distinguished by small dimensions and weight. The ProDevice DGX02 can be transported to various locations in a van weighing up to 3,500 kg.
  • A simple and intuitive control system means that the operation of the device does not require special operator qualifications.
  • Destroyed data carriers are placed in a durable container with a capacity of 216 liters. It can be placed on a transport cart and easily transported to any location.

The ProDevice DGX02 ensures compliance with the following mandates, regulations and security guidelines

  • DIN66399 | ISO/IEC 21964, H 5 for hard drives HDD, O 2 for optical data media, T 3 for magnetic tape media, E 2 for electronic datamedia
  • DMS 2008 / level C for physical HDD destruction