ProDevice Media Destroyer MMD360+

Manual high-quality destroyer for the physical destruction of data carriers

The ProDevice MMD360+ is a high-quality destroyer for the physical destruction of data carriers. It is an interesting alternative to fully automated devices available on the market. The machine is characterised by durability, reliability and compliance with data protection requirements. Due to its
small size and light weight, the MMD360+ can be used in any office.

Highlights & Benefits

  • The device physically destroys 2.5′′ and 3.5′′ hard drives, SSDs, magnetic tapes, pen drives, tablets and mobile phones (Lithium batteries need to be removed from mobile phones and tablets before the destruction/shredding process).
  • Two modules with interchangeable steel pins for destroying media are standard.
  • Unique technology used in the defense industry guarantees long-term durability of the device’s coating.
  • Destroyer is operated manually, whereby it does not require a lot of physical strength from the operator.
  • Device is very stable during operation and equipped with an anti-skidding gum to prevent it from moving.
  • Handmade in the polish ProDevice R&D center.

The ProDevice MMD360+ ensures compliance with the following mandates, regulations and security guidelines:

  • DIN66399 | ISO/IEC 21964, H 3 for hard drives HDD, T 1 for magnetic tape media, E 1 for electronic datamedia
  • DMS 2008: level A for physical HDD destruction