ProDevice Degausser ASM120

Irreversible and safe deletion of data from magnetic media thanks to strong magnetic field

The ProDevice ASM120 is the world's first degausser that works on the basis of the innovative PPMS technology (Pre-Paid Management System). It is a professional, technologically advanced device for erasing data from magnetic media. It was designed as part of a cooperation program with the AGH University of Science and Technology, produced and tested in the ProDevice research and development center. The ProDevice ASM120 Degausser meets the strictest security standards and guidelines in the field of data destruction.

Features & Highlights

  • Highly effective – irreversible and safe deletion of data from magnetic media thanks to strong magnetic field up to 11.000 Gauss (1.1T).
  • Network mode – ProDevice was the first in the world to enable connection with a degausser from any location via an Ethernet connector.
  • PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) technology – ProDevice is the only product on the market that enables programming a specific number of data erasing cycles, beyond which the device is automatically blocked.
  • Automatic reporting – in 2012 ProDevice introduced new market standards, implementing the ability to generate a transparent degaussing statement. The report can be downloaded to your computer as evidence of the data destruction process.
  • Diagnostic tool – ProDevice are pioneers in implementing multilingual software that configures and checks the degausser operating

The ProDevice ASM120 ensures compliance with the following mandates, regulations and security guidelines:

  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry), Data Security Standard
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology),
  • Guidelines for Media Sanitisation: NIST SP 800-36 NIST SP800-8
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)
  • Degausser operates in accordance with the ISO27001 standard

Supported magnetic storage media

  • HDDs: 2.5” and 3.5” (even with the caddy trays)
  • Data tape media: LTO, DLT, SDLT, DDS, DAT, AIT, Travan, MLR, SLR, QIC, 3480/3490, 3490E, 3590, 3590E, 3592, 9840, 9940, T10K, SD-3, VXA
  • Audio and video tape cassettes
  • Floppy disks