Plenafill Blanking Panels

Super inexpensive and highly efficient solution to optimise cooling and airflow in rack environments

Plenafill is a low-cost panel solution to securely seal the open U spaces in racks so that the hot air emitted by servers cannot recirculate back to the front of the rack. The keeps hotspots from forming on the racks and prevents the overheating, heat-related system malfunctions or even total failures. Plenafill thus plays an important role in optimising the use of cold air in the data centre and keeps the hardware at an ideal operating temperature.

Plenafill is an important component in green IT environments because it lowers your energy costs and extends the service life of your hardware – at minimal cost.

PlenaFill lowers temperature in data centres by up to 5.6 degrees Celsius

Another special advantage of Plenafill blanking panels is that they effectively separate the cold and warm air zones in rack environments which allows you to take full advantage of existing cooling capacities. Once Plenafill panels are installed, the output of your cooling systems can often be significantly lowered, thus reducing your energy costs considerably. According to Gartner, the air temperature can be lowered by an average of 5.6 degrees with blanking panels.

Specifications of the blanking panels for server cabinets

Plenafill is made of a solid yet lightweight plastic fire rated to UL94-V0. The solution can be easily attached in just a few minutes to the front of every 19" rack. You don’t need any tools, just special rivets that can be easily attached by hand. Every Plenafill sealing panel covers 27RUs in the rack. The perforated holes – which are, of course, air-tight – on every 1RU section let Plenafill panels be exactly adjusted to the size of the respective rack hardware equipment.

Plenafill highlights

  • Prevents the recirculation of hot air
  • Lowers bypass airflow in the rack
  • Fire rated to ULV0 Class 94
  • No tools necessary for installation
  • Every blanking panel covers 27RUs of empty rack space – can be cut into 1RU sections
  • Fits into all conventional 19” racks
  • Extremely inexpensive and highly effective with a fast ROI
  • Also ideal for optimising cold aisle containment – prevents warm air from recirculating back into the cold aisle
Manufacturer Code Description
CompuSpace PF-27U-10 PlenaFill Blanking Panels 10 x 27U panels
10 panels (270 Rack Units)
CompuSpace PF-BR PlenaFill Tool-Free Square Hole Black Snap Rivets 50 pcs
CompuSpace PF-RR PlenaFill/Form Tool-Free M5 12-24 Round Hole Rivets 50 pcs
CompuSpace PF-TR PlenaFill Tool-Free M5 10-32 Round Hole Rivets 50 pcs