Packet Power Wireless Network Connector

Enables select non-Packet Power monitoring devices to utilise Packet Power's wireless network

Packet Power's Wireless Network Connector provides an easy way to make select non-Packet Power metered devices that aren't connected to a network work over Packet Power's wire-free radio network. Plug the Wireless Network Connector into the Ethernet or serial port of a supported device and data will automatically flow across the wire-free network. Use an Ethernet Gateway to make data accessible to your BMS or the EMX Energy Portal.

Wireless Network Connector Benefits

  • No need for data communication wiring
  • Local LCD immediately verifies correct operation
  • Instantly connects to Packet Power's self-configuring, self-optimising wire-free mesh network
  • Auto-detects select devices
  • Collects accurate power readings from existing power meters
  • Supports up to 2 optional temperature probes
  • External 100-240V power supply works with most outlet types including C13
  • Some power strips can power the WNC directly from USB or other ports
  • Can be mounted with a low profile bracket, via a DIN rail clip, or by optional magnet