Packet Power SNMP / Modbus Hub

Easily view data from different vendors' monitoring devices in one place

Packet Power’s Hub easily connects non-Packet Power monitoring devices to the EMX Energy Portal. This allows companies using EMX to gain insights into energy usage and environmental conditions from nearly any device that can support standard SNMP or Modbus protocols. Once installed, the Hub securely gathers data from specified monitoring units that are on the same network as the Hub. Data mapping tools and services are available to support a wide range of devices.


  • SNMP-Hub: Feeds data from SNMP devices to EMX
  • Modbus-Hub: Feeds data from Modbus TCP/IP devices to EMX. Data from serial Modbus devices can usually be accessed via a serial-to-TCP/IP converter.
  • One button set up of IP addresses
  • Fully self-configuring setup
  • Easily gather data from nearly any power or environmental monitoring device that supports SNMP or Modbus protocols
  • Supports both locally installed and cloud-based EMX systems
  • Gathers data from thousands of monitoring points per site
  • Data mapping tools and services are available to support new or customised devices
  • Small size and low energy use


  • Network connection: Ethernet cable
  • Monitor to hub ratio: Up to 100 monitoring units per hub
  • Hubs per site: unlimited hubs per site, supports multiple sites
  • Compatible devices: Power and environmental monitoring devices residing on a Modbus TCP/IP or SNMP network
  • System status: LCD display for status and configuration details; LED display for general device status