Packet Power Smart Power Cables

The easiest way to add metering to any device that has a plug

Packet Power Smart Power Cables are highly flexible and easy to install delivering true "plug-and-play" installation. They make it possible to accurately record detailed power consumption and temperature values in the data centre and analyse and optimise energy efficiency. All of the measurement technology is simply integrated into the power cable itself. Once connected to the IT peripherals (PDUs, servers, serial devices - basically anything with a plug), the Smart Power Cable automatically begins capturing all electricity parameters (volts, amperes, watts, alternating current consumption, power factor, consumption peaks, etc.) and temperature values.

Monitoring data is wirelessly delivered to a gateway that makes the data accessible to a wide range of power monitoring systems for processing, analysis and consolidation.The data can also be delivered to Packet Power's EMX Energy Portal, a software that delivers full power and environmental monitoring analysis capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of competing solutions.

Packet Power Smart Power Cable Highlights:

  • Easy "plug & play" installation that installs in seconds
  • Highly cost effective - adding a Smart Power Cable to an existing PDU often costs far less than a metered PDU
  • Uses reliable wireless standards
  • Compatible with EMX Energy Portal software from Packet Power and many other software user interfaces from various manufacturers
  • Precise recording of volts, amperes, watts, alternating current consumption, power factor, consumption peaks
  • Supports single- and three-phase electricity with 120V and 208-240V between 10 and 100A
  • Supports all conventional IEC and NEMA connector types as well as for Hubbell, RussellStoll and others
  • The most important data is retained when power is interrupted