Packet Power Multi Circuit Monitor

Easily add power monitoring to existing equipment just where you need it and configured exactly as required

Multi-circuit monitors are custom-built to customer specifications and designed to minimise installation time. They are ideal for monitoring panelboard input feeds, select panelboard circuits, HVAC, generators and other high-energy loads, and existing switchgear. Use the monitoring data for submetering, cost allocation and calculating Data Centre PUE. The monitors support full power and current-only monitoring or a combination of the two. Use full power monitoring to track power and energy. Use current-only monitoring to lower costs.

Measures full power (V, A, Ah, VA, W, Wh, PF and Hz) or current only (A, Ah) on single- and three-phase circuits up to 277V input. Supports 1 - 72 current sensors. Immediately after powering up, the monitor communicates wirelessly with a gateway. Access data from existing monitoring applications via SNMP, Modbus, EtherNet/IP, BACnet/IP, or MTConnect or Packet Power's EMX Energy Portal software. EMX generates automatic reports including power usage per circuit. In addition it is possible to set thresholds to receive alerts in the event of critical power conditions occuring.

Custom-built, wireless multi-circuit monitors cut installation time in half

  • Wireless data network means no data communications wiring
  • No configuration needed onsite
  • Choose prewired flexible CT harnesses or loose CT leads
  • CT harnesses minimize the number of CT wires to run
  • Once powered, the monitoring unit automatically connects to the Gateway and data will be available


  • Prevent unplanned outages
  • Set alerts to spot anomalies before they become problems
  • Balance loads more effectively
  • Manage current and future facility capacity
  • Allocate energy costs at the circuit level
  • Automated reports including energy by user, circuit and group
  • Lower installation costs
  • Fully self-optimising wire-free network lowers ongoing support costs


  • Monitors any combination of single-, 2- and 3-phase circuits; supporting 1 to 72 current sensors
  • Support solid core, split-core, or flexible Rogowski coil sensors
  • Works on equipment from any vendor
  • Measures V, A, Ah, VA, W, Wh, PF and Hz; current-only options also available
  • Enables continuous energy monitoring to determine PUE
  • No data wiring to panels
  • Send data via common open protocols to existing DCIM/BMS or access with EMX Energy Portal