Packet Power Wireless Monitoring

Wire-free Data Centre Power and Environmental Monitoring

Packet Power's wire-free radio power and environmental monitoring systems are easy to use, cost effective and ideal for new or existing data centre and server room facilities. Through its flexible and scalable architecture, detailed power, temperature, humidity and differential pressure information is easily captured and collected in small single location sites as well as large multi-site operations.

Understanding critical power and cooling information is the key to optimising your data centre, regardless of the size. By viewing energy consumption, environmental trends such as peaks and troughs that may cause hot spots or other undesired situations, adjustments to the infrastructure, cooling and power distribution can be made. Optimising to prevent these peaks and troughs will save you energy and extend hardware life. Data can be viewed through Packet Power EMX Energy Portal or third party building management systems (BMS) or data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions via common protocols including BACnet, EtherNet/IP, SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP. Depending on the type of system used, power usage, temperature maps and differential pressure maps are available for the entire data centre all the way down to individual racks or even at the server level.

Most products can be easily installed without the need of an electrician or the need to removing existing equipment. The wireless protocol is a frequency hopping, self-configuring, load-balancing radio mesh network working on frequencies between 860 and 930MHz depending on regional location. HTTPS encryption and radio zone isolation allows several independent installations within a close proximity like those found at ISPs or Colocation sites. Unlike many other systems, Packet Power has very fast reporting and depending on the frequency of readings required, up to 100 monitoring units can be used per gateway. Multiple gateways can be used for backup and redundancy. Only gateways require an IP address, which means only 1 IP address per hundred monitors is required. As it is so easy to install, it is simple to start off with a small number of devices and expand as you require more information in your data centre.

Highlights Packet Power Wireless Monitoring

Branch Circuit Monitor

  • Adds monitoring to any panel whether it is a single power distribution panel or a four-panel RPP or PDU
  • Supports 30-192 branch circuit CTs
  • Custom made system built exactly to customer specs with flexible CT harneses cuts installation time in half
  • Customized panel circuit map allows viewing circuits as they are installed on the panelboard

Multi-Circuit Monitor

  • Simple, cost effective way to monitor single- and three-phase circuits up to 600V and 10,000A
  • Built and pre-configured exactly to customer specs cuts installation time in half
  • Supports 1-72 CTs -- full power, current-only or a mix of both
  • Ideal for facility sub-metering, high-energy load equipment and panelboard input feeds

Single-Meter Power Monitor

  • Supports 1-8 CTs - choose from solid core, split-core or coil sensors from 15 to 10,000 amps
  • Line-powered on circuits up to 600V
  • Systems can be shipped fully configured and ready to install to reduce installation time and cost
  • Full-power or current-only monitoring

Smart Power Cable

  • Easily attaches to IT equipment, PDUs and busway plug-ins
  • Support for IEC, NEMA, Hubbell, Russell Stoll and further connectors
  • 1 or 3 phases with 120 and 208-240V on 10 to 100A circuits
  • Data collection: V, A, W, power consumption, factor and peak
  • Compatible with GUIs from different vendors
  • Wireless communication designed for data centres

Environmental Monitor (EM)

  • Wirelessly collects temperature and humidity data
  • Unlimited measurement points possible
  • Compact size fits in even the smallest spaces
  • Real-time comparison of actual and set point values
  • Detects different temperature zones at rack level


  • Monitoring data consolidation for up to 100 monitoring points
  • Load is automatically balanced across gateways when monitoring units are added or removed
  • Multiple gateways can be added to increase network capacity and provide redundance
  • Transfers power and environmental data to any DCIM solution via common protocols such as BACnet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, MTConnect and SNMP
  • Simple to install - requiring only 1 IP address per gateway

EMX Energy Portal Monitoring Software

  • Delivers full power and environmental monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity
  • Real-time and historical power, temperature, humidity and pressure information
  • Easily map monitoring units to facility layout
  • Common reports built in with report customization options
  • Custom graphical view dashboards can be shared securely
  • Set policies to spot issues that can trigger alerts
  • Offered as cloud-based service or local software applicationWire-free Data Centre Power and Environmental Monitoring