Packet Power Leak Detector Probe

Wire-free leak detection: The cost-effective and simple way to protect IT equipment from a flood in the data centre

The Packet Power wire-free radio monitoring solution has been expanded to include a sensing module for the detection of water leaks. As well as being able to provide power values and environmental data such as temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure, the Packet Power wire-free monitoring solution can now reliably monitor areas in the data centre that are susceptible to leaks. As soon as the sensing cable comes into contact with water, an acoustic alarm is triggered and warnings are automatically sent by the dedicated EMX management tool, third party BMS or DCIM application so that the data centre personnel can take immediate action. This prevents a drop of water becoming a tidal wave of problems in the data centre. 

The leak detection unit can be seamlessly integrated into the completey wire-free radio monitoring system by simply using the Environmental Monitoring (EM) module from Packet Power, which also offers connections for temperature or humidity sensors.

Optimal loads, perfect cooling and improved safety

The particular highlight of the environmental and power monitoring modules is that these are not connected via cable to each other. As soon as they are activated the monitoring devices instantly begin to share information via a self-configuring wire-free radio mesh network. All measurement data is wirelessly gathered by a system gateway that simply uses the SNMP or Modbus TCP/IP protocol to transmit the data to the EMX-GUI or a third party BMS or DCIM tool. With this information DC and facility experts have all important power usage and environmental parameters available at a glance. They are able to balance loads and to control temperature, humidity and pressure at their cabinets perfectly – and by using the leak detection probes they are also able to minimise leak risks.    

Highlights Wire-free Leak Detector Probe

  • Reliable monitoring of areas that are susceptible to leaks.
  • Acoustic alarms, when water gets into contact with the leak detector probe
  • Warnings are automatically sent by optional EMX-GUI or third party BMS or DCIM applications
  • Requires a Packet Power wire-free environmental monitor (EM) module that supports external probes
  • Mounting bracket can attach to any flat surface by adhesive strips or mounting screws