Packet Power Environmental Monitoring

Monitor temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure exactly where you need

Packet Power environmental monitors capture environmental conditions any where you need. Their compact size fits in even the smallest spaces. Add as many monitors as you need at the room, cabinet row, rack, or even the different levels and sides of an individual rack. Several models are available including the wire-free simplicity of the battery-powered "stick and go" single temperature and humidity point monitor to an AC-powered monitor that supports 6 temperature points across as much as 30 meters.

Packet Power Environmental Monitor highlights:

  • Delivers the flexibility to match the amount of metering to your needs
  • Eliminates all data communications wiring
  • Compact size fits anywhere
  • Captures temperature, and relative humidity for unlimited measurement points per site
  • Differential pressure, dry contact and leak detection probes available
  • Compares actual and target values in real-time
  • Can display temperature at multiple levels within a single rack, compare tempature between two adjacent racks, or track temperature across 10-30 meters of racks
  • Powered by power supply or battery (batteries are not included)
  • Transmits data to the gateway that makes data accessible via EMX software or common protocols to existing DCIM systems