Packet Power EMX Energy Portal

Full power and environmental monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of competing solutions

EMX provides instant access to the primary monitoring information needed and the flexibility to customise as little or as much as desired. Many DCIM applications have to be extensively customised before they can provide useful information. EMX focuses on power and environmental monitoring and it provides a gread deal of useful information immediation on installation. The process of tailoring it to fit specific needs is simple. 

EMX features

  • Real-time and historical power, temperature, humidity and pressure information
  • Easily map monitoring units to facility layout
  • Accessible from any web browser
  • Works with Packet Power monitors and any device that supports SNMP or Modbus
  • Supports a multi-tenant model making it a strong fit for colo companies
  • Offered as cloud-based service or local software application


  • Common reports are built in and easily accessed including
    • Current, power and energy by circuit
    • Temperature and humidity
    • Energy costs
  • Easily tailored to add cabinet, room, end user, project and other data
  • Easily and securely share reports and graphical dashboards wtih end users
  • Export reports in universal formats
  • Wide range of report customization options


  • Easily create custom, graphical views and share using unique secure links
  • Simple wizard makes PUE calculations easy

Policies and Alerts

  • Set policies to spot anomalies before they become problems
  • Can be set at device, cabinet and room levels
  • Policy violations can trigger alerts delivered via SMS or email