Daxten Service Offerings

Services that help to make your data centre even better

With our tailor-made range of services for all essentials and accessories in the data centre we can support you by helping you install expand or to maintain your IT equipment and infrastructure. We offer services to make operating the data centre easier and most importantly more secure including our market leading ITAD (IT asset destruction) services. These are compliant with all the latest GDPR regulations and standards.


  • ServerLIFT lifter annual servicing
  • MEWPs PECO/ECO lift annual servicing
  • Pallet trucks annual servicing


  • LOLER inspections of DC equipment, ladders, MEWPs, ServerLIFT lifters, pallet trucks
  • SEMA approved racking inspections for storeroom and warehouse racking


  • Full manufacture backed repair service for ServerLIFT lifters, PECO/ECO MEWPs
  • Repair service for storeroom racking
  • Cold/hot aisle containment repairs and alterations


  • IPAF ½ day Training for MEWPs PECO/ECO
  • MEWP familiarisation training.
  • One day racking inspection training courses provided by our SEMA approved racking inspectors


  • Thermal load surveys providing a snapshot of your data centre cooling health
  • Full turnkey room surveys for cold /hot aisle containment (CAC, HAC)
  • Racking surveys for storerooms


  • Full secure on site ITAD (IT Asset Destruction Service) with a combination of onsite and offsite asset management and data wiping/destruction services. Our offering encompasses GDPR & end of asset lifecycle requirements. 


  • Full Installation service for cold aisle containment, raised floor, leak detection, power and environmental monitoring


Your direct line to our service offerings

Please let us know which services you require and we will put together a package that is perfectly tailored to your needs. For further Information please contact us on +44 (0)20 8991 6200 or via info.uk@daxten.com.