Geist SwitchAirBox 9HE passiv

Deflector passively transports warm air exhaust from network switches to warm aisle and prevents failures

The SwitchAirBox GSA9-001 is a metal deflector that spans a total of 9 rack units (RUs) and prevents the air intake from heating up when using side-cooled Cisco 6509 and Nexus 7018 switches arranged in series. Mounted vertically on the rack, it passively guides the warm air emitted by the switches from the side of the rack directly to the warm aisle and prevents hot and cold air from mixing in the air intake area. By efficiently channelling the warm air, it effectively protects network switches from overheating and minimises the risk of disruption.

Highlights of the SwitchAirbox GSA9-001

  • Overheating protection for side-cooled network switches arranged in series
  • Separation of warm and cold air in racks
  • Prevents the cold air in the rack from heating up by routing the warm air to the side
  • Installation height: 9 rack units
  • Can be installed during operation
  • Easy assembly using only two mounting points on the chassis frame
  • Supports Cisco 6509 and Nexus 7018 switches
  • Fast ROI within just a few months