EcoDC People Lifter

The manual people lifter for the safe and easy access of the overhead infrastructure in the data centre

Completely manual, the EcoDC lifter is raised by simply and easily rotating the handle; with only 10% operator input and 90% mechanism input, the patented lift mechanism glides you smoothly to your chosen working height in seconds. With no batteries (to charge and look after) and no hydraulic oil the EcoDC is truly an Eco friendly solution. It’s tiny footprint and simplicity of use finally provides a purely mechanical solution that doesn’t involve erecting, unfolding or climbing. With a working height up to 4.2m, the EcoDC is ideal for perfoming maintenance, installation or visual inspection work at or on the overhead supply infrastrcuture in the data centre.

The EcoDC people lifter represents the smart alternative to ladders, podiums, step-ups and scaffolding. It is designed to create a safer and more sustainable working environment, improving productivity and reducing body stress and fatigue for users.

Highlights of the EcoDC

  • Intuitive operation- turn handle to elevate
  • Patented lift mechanism, no power required
  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre
  • Small footprint (1280 x 740 mm)
  • Unlimited lift cycles, can be used 24/7
  • Robust design for years of trouble free service
  • Minimal operational costs, virtually maintenance free
  • Reduces body stress and fatigue
  • Reduces risk of Injury from working at height

Safety Features

  • Auto-lock’ brake on elevation
  • Elevates only when operated
  • Lifting mechanism interlocked

Working Dimensions

  • Maximum working height: 4.20 m
  • Maximum platform height: 2.20 m
  • Basket dimensions: 850 mm (L) x 644 mm (W)
  • Working footprint: 1280 mm x 740 mm
  • Safe working load: 150 kg (1 person + tools)

Closed Dimensions

  • Length: 1280 mm
  • Width: 740 mm
  • Height: 1950 mm
  • Weight: approx. 305 kg