Digital Matrix KVM Switches

The ultimate management solutions for server farms and enterprise data

For dense rack infrastructures, server farms and enterprise data centres digital 16, 32 or 64 port Matrix KVM switches are the first choice. These solutions require 1U or 2U rack space only and offer connections for 32 or 64 PS/2, SUN or USB servers as well as serial IT (VT100 included) devices. Depending on model, the KVM access is performed locally through analogue UTP cabling and remotely via several digital TCP/IP pathes. Setting up a digital KVM matrix structure with 2, 4, 8, 16 or more users can be easily realised. Via TCP/IP a theoretically unlimited number of IT devices and users can be added to the management system. Model- and manufacturer-dependent, software- or web-based managment applications are optional available and the Matrix KVM switching system can be integrated into comprehensive DCIM solutions. Through these management platforms, IT professionals have several power management, monitoring, metering and reporting tools and function at hand to increase the safety and reliability of their active IT hardware.

Typically specifications of TCP/IP Matrix KVM switches

  • Control 16, 32 or 64 servers (theoretically an unlimited number of servers can be integrated into the management system via IP) from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Access to servers and serial devices via TCP/IP network
  • Integration of active IT hardware with KVM/CATx cable adapters
  • Multi-platform support for PS/2, USB, SUN or/and serial devices
  • Support of most popular mouse typs
  • Server access via local push-button, serial interface, GUI or OSD control
  • Comprehensive software- or web-based management applications are optional available
  • IP access via management software, web browser, dial-up or modem connection
  • Model-dependent out-of-band access
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation during boot-up and operation
  • BIOS level access for via IP integrated servers
  • Easy to install (optional rackmount-kits available)
  • Operating system independent

Manufacturer and model-dependent vary

  • Video resolution
  • Number of connectable servers (also cascaded) or serial devices
  • Number of users
  • Encryption
  • Local analogue and/or digital remote access
  • Options for mobile access
  • Virtual media support
  • Security features and user access levels
  • Integrable into comprehensive management application