Daxten CoolControl Xpand

Highly flexible sealing of cable openings boosts cooling efficiency in data centres

According to Gartner, a staggering 40% of the total energy costs incurred in any given data centre can be attributed to cooling. And this amount will increase significantly if the right optimisation measures are not undertaken. This type of optimisation does not require significant spending on sophisticated cooling technology: minor thermal improvements that may seem insignificant can improve efficiency and lower costs considerably with minimum financial investment and ROIs of just a few months. One best practice according to BITKOM guidelines for energy-efficient data centres and the recommendations in the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres for lowering IT energy consumption is to seal cable openings and other openings in the raised floor. According to the US Uptime Institute, up to 63 per cent of the generated cooling air escapes from these openings as bypass airflow before it actually reaches the hardware in the racks. A fiasco in terms of energy consumption and total costs.

Prevent the loss of cooled air and reduce energy costs

The solution for preventing the loss of cooled air is quite simple and extremely inexpensive: you simply seal your cable openings with our highly flexible CoolControl Xpand. These are 25 mm thick plastic baffles with perforated holes for cables that can be expanded like an accordion from a standard width of 290 mm up to 600 mm. A single cable or cable bundles are simply fed through the flexible holes in the material, completely enclosed and guided together with the baffle through the cable opening in the raised floor. This prevents cooled air from escaping and increases the efficiency of your cooling systems, thus significantly lowering energy consumption in your server room or data centre.

Der CoolControl Xpand is fire-rated according to the B1 standard and can be used for either existing or new cable infrastructures.

CoolControl Xpand highlights:

  • Up to 63% higher cooling efficiency in your data centre
  • Sealing of cable openings and elimination of bypass airflow in the raised floor
  • Increase in the cool air pressure in the raised floor
  • Installation in existing or new cable infrastructures in a matter of minutes
  • Easy to reuse
  • The prices for your tailored sealing solution for cable openings in the raised floor can be provided upon request.