Daxten CoolControl Side Baffles

Daxten CoolControl Side Baffles - Sealing the open space in cabinets prevents hot spots and thermal imbalance

According to Gartner, a staggering 40% of the total energy costs of any given data centre are incurred through cooling. And this amount will increase significantly over the coming years, if the IT and Facility Managers in data centres do not focus on optimising their cooling and airflow infrastructure. This type of optimisation effort does not require significant spending on new and costly cooling units. Easy to deploy solutions with small investments and short ROI periods are the most efficient methods of airflow and cooling optimisation.  As a first step many DC managers have arranged their cabinet rows according to the principle of hot and cold aisle separation. By doing this the air is delivered to the racks in an efficient manner. However, the hot exhaust air of the servers is still able to re-circulate from the hot aisle through the free U space within the cabinets back into the cold aisle. This problem can be solved by sealing these horizontal areas with Daxten CoolControl Blanking Panels. Often overlooked is the fact that cabinets have vertical openings either side of their 19 inch profiles (particularly 800mm wide cabinets). These areas must be sealed to prevent the mixture of hot and cold air, the resulting cooling inefficiency and the risks of hot spots. As cabling is very often fed through the open sides of the cabinets, sealing these areas is made very difficult. To solve this we use our Daxten CoolControl Side Baffles, which are very cost-effective, highly flexible and easy to install.

Avoid mixing hot and cold air to increase cooling efficiency

The Daxten CoolControl Side Baffles consist of synthetic material with a 25 mm thickness that is perforated to contain cables. The material can be expanded like a concertina to the maximum width of 600mm. A single cable or cabling bundles can be passed through the flexible holes in the material. The cables are sealed with CoolControl side baffles preventing the recirculation or air either side of the 19 inch cabinet profiles. This barrier means there is no longer a chance for the hot air to mix with the conditioned air in the cold aisle. The result is less mixing of airflow and increased efficiency of the CRAC units and reduced energy consumption.

Side Baffles are a must for cold aisle containment  

The containment of the cold aisle with curtains or solid panels and doors is one of the most efficient methods to separate the hot aisle hermetically from the cold aisle in the data centre.  Containment means the re-circulation of hot airflow above the cabinets or around the ends of the rack corridors into the cold aisle is no longer possible. Often it is not a consideration that the hot air can recirculate through the cabinet. Without sealing the free horizontal U space and vertical free space it is impossible to deliver the maximum efficiency of a containment system which can increase the cooling efficiency by up to 30 percent. 

  • Securely seals vertical open space in racks
  • Prevents recirculation of hot air through the rack to the cold aisle
  • Prevents the formation of hotspots
  • Fast installation and integration of existing cabling
  • Easy to reuse
  • Indispensable component in cold aisle containment