Daxten CoolControl Seal

Seal the raised floor in you data centre, lower cool air loss by up to 63% and save money!

According to Gartner, a staggering 30% to 40% of the total energy costs incurred in any given data centre can be attributed to cooling. And this amount will increase significantly if the right optimisation measures are not undertaken. This type of optimisation does not require significant spending on sophisticated cooling technology: minor thermal improvements that may seem insignificant can improve efficiency and lower costs considerably with minimum financial investment and ROIs of just a few months. One best practice according to BITKOM guidelines for energy-efficient data centres and the most recent recommendations from Gartner on lowering IT energy consumption is to seal cable openings and other openings in the raised floor. According to the US Uptime Institute, up to 63 per cent of the generated cooling air escapes from these openings as bypass airflow before it actually reaches the hardware in the racks. A fiasco in terms of energy consumption and total costs.

So what can you do to optimise the flow of cold air and air-conditioning in your data centre?

It's easy: all you have to do is use our inexpensive CoolControl Seals to optimise the flow of cold air and air-conditioning in your data centre. They are made of aluminium profiles with special fibres and a patented, interior rubber lip that completely enclose cables and other equipment running through the raised floors in data centres and thus prevent the cooled air from escaping. This small measure alone lets you considerably increase the efficiency of your cooling system, optimise your air-conditioning in the data centre and lower energy consumption significantly.

How is a CoolControl Seal grommet installed in the raised floor?

The CoolControl Seals can be installed in your existing cable infrastructure in a matter of seconds with just a few simple steps. The corners of the aluminium framework are opened with a special movement, the cable bundle inserted through the opening and the frame closed again. If cables are being laid for the first time, the finished frame is simply inserted into the opening and then attached in the raised floor either with screws or self-adhering adhesive.

Both methods make it possible to reuse the CoolControl raised floor sealing system for other cable openings or holes. There is no limit to the size of the opening because the grommet profiles can be custom-made to meet your individual needs.

You can request other dimensions and customised forms for CoolControl Seals.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Up to 65% higher cooling efficiency in your data centre
  • Reliable sealing of cable openings and elimination of bypass airflow in the raised floor
  • Prevention of hot spots and heat-related system failures
  • Increase in the cool air pressure in the raised floor
  • Installation in existing or new cable infrastructures in a matter of minutes
  • Easy to reuse