Daxten CoolControl Quickfix Blanking Panels

Tool-free and super-fast installation of panels for unoccupied rack units in racks

One best practice for optimising the cooling efficiency in data centres according to the recommendations of BITKOM, EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Efficiency and Gartner is to securely seal off the unoccupied rack units in racks. This prevents air emitted by the servers to the warm aisle from recirculating through the rack back to the cold aisle and thus effectively prevents thermal imbalances and hotspots. The risk of heat-related system malfunctions or even complete hardware failures is reduced to a minimum. According to Gardner, the environmental temperature can be reduced by up to 5.6 degrees simply by using panels to separate cold and warm air zones in rack environments – this considerably reduces cooling system output and lowers energy consumption significantly.

Quick installation on rack profile with integrated rivets

The Daxten CoolControl Quickfix rack panels have integrated rivets on both side of the panel. For quick installation, the two rivets are pressed together between your thumb and index finger, inserted into the rack profile and then simply released to attach the panels in their final position. The UL-94-V0 fire-rated panel is reinforced with plastic rods on the back to ensure that they fit perfectly and can't lose twist around. The panels are available in the standard colours light grey and anthracite grey.

CoolControl Quickfix rack panel highlights

  • Prevent the recirculation of hot air
  • Eliminate hotspots
  • Protect against dust and foreign particles in the rack
  • Fire rated to ULV0 Class 94
  • Mounted with integrated rivet
  • Fits all conventional racks
  • Extremely inexpensive and with a fast ROI
  • Panels are available in other RAL colours if a minimum quantity is ordered

IMPORTANT NOTE: CoolControl Quickfix rack panels are an indispensable component in cold and warm aisle containment!