Daxten CoolControl Integrated Tile

Solid raised floor baffles with high load-bearing capacity, integrated cable openings and elastomer grommets

In addition to its CoolControl airflow panels for the cold aisle in raised floors, Daxten offers solid yet flexible CoolControl rack floor baffles for use in new or existing server rooms and data centres. This apparent contradiction is resolved because, on the one hand, the baffles have a high load-bearing capacity which can handle, for example, the weight of fully equipped server racks and, on the other, the raised floor baffles are designed to let you choose whether one, two or three cable openings sealed are available with grommets. This is made possible by solid cover panels that fit exactly into any opening to seal it off when it isn't needed. If, however, you want to install, for example, a new PDU cable from the raised floor to the rack, the cover panel is simply removed again and the cable fed through the available opening. The integrated grommet which functions the same way as in our CoolControl raised floor grommets, securely seal the cables to ensure that no cold air escapes in these places and to prevent dust and foreign particles from being blown into the inside of the rack from the raised floor which could result in operating malfunctions or shorten the service life of the hardware. The grommets also prevent cold air from escaping from the rear of the rack. The lighter, warm air emitted by the hardware would otherwise be vertically channelled to the top of the rack, allowing it to flow back to the front either through unoccupied or unsealed rack units or along the sides. This is an effective way to keep hotspots from forming and prevent heat-related system malfunctions or even failures of the active hardware in the cabinets.

Available versions of the CoolControl raised floor baffles for seamless integration in the data centre and server room raised floor

The standard model of the CoolControl rack floor baffles is grey with the dimensions 600mm x 600mm at a depth of 40mm and comes with three grommets and the respective cover panels. Other side dimensions, depths, colours and custom models are available.

Daxten CoolControl rack floor baffles highlights:

  • Solid 600 x 600 mm steel floor baffle with high load-bearing capacity according to GM KB certification
  • Rack floor baffle for new or existing raised floors in server rooms and data centres
  • 3 integrated cable openings including grommet and cover panels
  • Efficiently protects rack hardware from dust and foreign particles from the raised floor
  • Prevents unwanted bypass airflow in the rack
  • Protects against hotspots and heat-related system malfunctions or rack hardware failures
  • Easy installation on standard raised floor supports
  • Custom models available upon request