Daxten CoolControl Drop-Away Panel

Heat sensitive drop panel solution for aisle containment allows fire suppression systems to work effectively

In the event of a fire, conventional roof panels for aisle containment solution do not allow the fire suppression systems at ceiling height to bring extinguishing agents into the contained aisle. Therefore, to address this problem, Daxten offer the CoolControl Drop-Away Panel solution. It consists of heat sensitive panels that lose their rigidity, if the temperature in the immediate vicinity climbs to 57°C. This leads to the feather-light panels to drop into the aisle, the roof of the containment system becomes open and the fire suppression system can automatically be applied completely space-filling.

Ideally, a heat generating fire never occurs, but there may be instances where high pressure fire suppression systems are still activated through smoldering cables or other hazards. In this case, the Drop-Away Panels should be more described as feather-light panels that are blown away. The high pressure from the suppression systems have enough force to blow the panels allowing the gas to flow freely throughout the room.

90% panel transparency requires no additional lighting

The Drop-Away Panel system consists of an aluminium frame construction that accommodates the heat sensitive roof panels. With the roof panel transparency at 90% the standard ceiling lighting in the data centre is fully sufficient to provide the contained aisles with enough light.

Fire Performance & Approvals

  • FM approved and UL listed
  • Single burn item test, EN 13823; US Class A
  • BS476 Part 7 surface spread of flame with a class 1 rating

Physical Characteristics

  • Frame construction: anodised aluminium
  • Feather-light, but rigid material used for panels
  • Panel versions: clear translucent (transparency >90%) or white-translucent (transparency >77%)
  • Panels lose rigidity at 57°C and drop away
  • Panel dimensions (W x L): 556 mm x 1236mm (standard size)
  • Custom panel sizes available upon request