Anord Mardix RESINBAR IP68 Busbar Solution

Innovative busbar trunking design for improved performance and cost-effective power distribution layouts

The RESINBAR power distribution busbar solution has been developed by Anord Mardix, a Flex company, to meet the growing demands of the critical power industry. Each system employs innovative designs which improve performance and reduce costs. All RESINBAR products are manufactured in the UK to the latest British Standards (BS EN 61439-6), and in a purpose-built facility and cured in a temperature controlled environment for consistency of quality.

The trunking system is an arrangement of copper (CXC) or aluminium (CXA) busbars which are fully encapsulated with an IP68 rated composite epoxy resin. This provides both mechanical strength and electrical insulation to the busbars as well as enhanced environmental, fire and chemical resistance. Therefore the system is suitable for use in arduous outdoor environments and as part of a life safety system. In addition the RESINBAR employs the very latest patented technologies in vacuum composite mixing to ensure a highly uniform and homogenous mix. This mix is flame retardant and self extinguishing and offers high levels of resitance to fire, water, humidity and chemicals.

Highlights & Features

  • Independently certified by Intertek to ASTA standards and in accordance with IEC / BS EN 61439
  • Independently tested for ingress protection (IP68), impact resistance (IK10), short-circuit withstand, heat-rise, flame propagation (IEC 60332-3-10), fire penetration (ISO 834-1), fire resistance (BS 8519, BS 8491, IEC 60331-1) and resistance to major seismic events (richter magnitude 7.0-7.9)
  • Improved electrical performance
  • Can be used internally and externally with no need for annual maintenance on the bar
  • Smaller form factor
  • Modular installation and flexibility / transformability of the overall system
  • Cast resin busbar trunking is an environmentally friendly option
  • Minimal waste produced compared to cable