Anord Mardix Remote Power Panel

Perfect power distribution and protection for critical power infrastructures

The Remote Power Panel from Anord Mardix, a Flex company, delivers unmatched power distribution and provides the highest level of protection and performance for critical power infrastructures. The very compact design of the system reduces operating costs, saves floor space and allows for flexible expansion for future needs.


  • Small footprint – flexible to expand data centre power distribution capabilities
  • Panelboard options: op to 240V, 400A and 168 circuits
  • Input connections: main lug only, main circuit breaker, main switch – top or bottom entry – 24″ cabinets are bottom exit only and 38″ cabinets are top/bottom exit
  • Multiple input capability and traditional configurations – up to 4 sources, 4 panelboards and 4 main circuit breakers
  • Multiple footprint options – sizing as small as a 2′ x 2′ square raised floor tile
  • Circuit management system provides enhanced power data collection
  • Remote monitoring interface to BMS
  • Welded frame door, door-in-door hinged dead front
  • Optional seismic rated floor stands available
  • Integrated IR port solutions for identifying potential system issues


  • Dimension: 600mm x 300mm x 2100mm
  • Construction Separation: Form 2B
  • Number of circuits: up to 84 SP Circuits
  • Voltage: 400V AC
  • Current rating: 250A
  • Cable access: Front
  • Cable entry/exit: top or bottom
  • Ingress protection: IP31