Anord Mardix LV Switchboards

Low voltage switchboards for all power requirements

Anord Mardix designs and manufactures low voltage switchboards that suit all requirements – no matter if modular or customised solutions are the ideal choice. The cubicle system uses individual, folded panels, which are welded together to form a clean lined finish with maximum rigidity and strength. The construction method further benefits from a high integrity earth bond.

All low voltage switchboards from Anord Mardix, a Flex company, are designed using 3D modelling technology to provide a high level of accuracy and build quality. This technology also offers clients the ability to visualise device and busbar layout prior to manufacture.

Anord Mardix never uses flat-pack proprietary enclosure systems that have to be cannibalised to suit, and all Anord Mardix busbar systems are ASTA certified. It does not matter if there are space contraints or varying requirements for switchboard shapes or custom layouts, the Anord Mardiy solution will fit into any environment. For a fast and cost-effective LV switchboard solution, the standard modular product range is available with reduced lead times.


  • Space conscious layouts including high density device stacking
  • Modular switchboards for standard requirements
  • 8000A designs available on request
  • Double-rated neutral busbars
  • Form 4(2) to Form 4(7) construction
  • IP31 as standard with option for IP54
  • Steel cladded busbar chambers profiled with thermal imaging grids
  • Suitable for slab, trench or underfloor plinth mounting
  • Cable extension/spreader boxes for large incomers
  • Thermal imaging grids punched at connection points
  • Specialist protection and control system


  • Construction separation: to IEC-61439-2, up to Form 4B
  • Busbar system current rating: 800A to 6300A
  • Busbar system short circuit rating: (36kA/1s) (50kA/1s) (50kA/3s) (80 kA/1s) (100kA/1s)
  • Voltage ratings: 400V / 690V
  • Cable access: top, bottom, front or rear
  • Ingress protection: P 54, IP 42 or IP 31
  • Panel solour: available in all RAL or BS colours