Anord Mardix LV Packaged Substations

The leading solution for high current load centres in the data centre

The range of package substations from Anord Mardix, a Flex company, is ASTA certified and incorporates features such as reduced footprint designs and steel cladded busbar chambers. Dedicated switchgear engineers from Anord Mardix install and commission both the HV and LV sides, ensuring all systems – including life safety interlocks – offer the optimum of performance.

The packaged substations are customised to suit individual space requirements. Additionally the systems can be especially configured to include benefits such as a 40 percent increase in output, Another option is to couple the transformer and LV switchgear by using an interconnecting busbar system of Anord Mardix. The high quality and choice of transformers is matched by impartial and considerable experience with leading providers of MV switchgear and the Anord Mardix‘ custom built LV distribution solutions.MV options are made up from Ringmaster switchgear including compact Ring Main Units (RMU), circuit breakers or disconnecting switches.


  • MV incomer options – ring main units (RMU), HV circuit breakers or MV switch disconnectors
  • Top or bottom HV cable connections
  • Transformer options – cast resin, oil filled or Midel filled transformers
  • Air cooled or forced ventilation options for increased output
  • Reduced footprint designs
  • Fully welded steel enclosures
  • Cladded steel busbar chamber allowing efficient thermal imaging surveys
  • Remote mounting of transformer and LV Switchgear
  • Incorporation of life safety protection relays and interlocks
  • Incorporation of in-house PLC programming (dual redundancy)


  • MV/LV transformer ratings: 400 kVa to 4500 kVa
  • Panel colour: available in all RAL or BS colours
  • LV busbar system current rating: 800A to 6300A
  • LV busbar system short circuit rating: (36kA/1s) (50kA/1s) (50kA/3s) (80 kA/1s) (100kA/1s)
  • Low Voltage ratings: 400V / 690V
  • Construction separation: up to IEC-61439, up to Form 4B Type 7
  • Cable access: top, bottom, front or rear
  • Ingress protection; IP 54, IP 42 or IP 31
  • Panel colour: available in all RAL or BS colours