Anord Mardix IBAR Busbar Solution

The IBAR busbar trunking system for maximal reliable power distribution in the critical power industry

The IBAR busbar trunking solution consists of insulated copper or aluminum. The system utilize a special epoxy resin coating to insulate each conductor. The coating is applied to the busbars using an industry leading process, which has been developed by Anord Mardix, a Flex company. The busbar trunking offers a modular design and is available in pre-fabricated lengths and a range of conductor configurations.The product range typically includes elbows, T-connectors, feeder units, panel flanges and various other standard or custom components that make it simple to configure for most applications.

Highlights & Features

  • Supports ratings from 1000A up to 6300A
  • Traditional power cabling methods require long lengths of cabling to be installed in pre-fitted cable trays and then stripped and glanded to terminate.
  • IBAR busbar trunking systems have significant advantages over cable including improved electrical performance, smaller form factor, faster modular installation and flexibility / transformability of the overall system.
  • Tap-offs can be added, removed and repositioned as necessary. Busbar installations can be reconfigured easily, quickly and inexpensively if the user’s requirements change.
  • Busbar trunking is also a more environmentally friendly option. During installation, there is no waste or scrap produced (as there always is with cable), and busbar trunking can easily be removed and re-used where required.