Starline Plug-ins with Power Monitoring

Within seconds the plug-in can be added to the Starline busway, locked and ready to power the racks in the data centre

Until now adding electrical circuits was enormously time-consuming, costly, and troublesome. For each expansion and scheduled maintenance the necessary downtime would need to be planned for and organised well in advance of any cables being pulled. Today it is possible to complete this once arduous process within seconds because of the Starline track busway and the latest generation of tap-offs.

The plug-ins are distinguished by their compact design, light-weight material, and a sophisticated mechanism for locking to the busbars. Adding plug-ins to the Starline busbar requires no tools: simply insert and turn 90 degrees. This consolidates the once complex layout of cables into an organised grid. 16A, 32A, 63A, and/or 230V are available at your disposal, in order to provide complete racks or additional IT-components with power.    

Optimise power distribution: integrate energy-monitoring for an overview of power usage

Optionally, the plug-ins are available with integrated energy-monitoring unit, which upon request can be equipped with a local display, and distribution of the power data can be directly controlled and read. Alternatively, all the measured data can be displayed or analysed over a web-based user interface or managed through a communication channel via SNMP, Modbus RTU, BACNet, DCIM, BMS-applications

 Starline plug-ins with locking device features:

  • Installed within seconds
  • Tool-free mounting and locking
  • Secure electrification of racks and IT-components
  • Simple to reuse
  • Available in various power configurations
  • Optional integrated energy monitoring
  • Depending on the model, LED indication of the current values
  • Support of all major manufacturer BMS and DCIM applications