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Protection starts at reception - Contactless measurement of body temperature

29/09/20 01:00:00 CEST

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the key symptoms of the Coronavirus and other diseases is a fever. Core temperature as well as skin surface temperature are used for testing; In public spaces, the surface temperature of...

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Data centre optimisation expert Daxten has clever accessories for the ServerLIFT range

08/09/20 09:15:00 CEST

The word has now gone around that a ServerLIFT, the purpose-built transportation and lifting solution for data centres, can help data centre professionals ease their working life in terms of installing heavy IT equipment into the racks. Model-dependent the ServerLIFT...

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Stay safe with wire-free remote data centre monitoring: Monitoring at a distance made easy

21/07/20 09:15:00 CEST

It has never been more important for the critical data centre infrastructure to be up and running – around the clock and without interruption. To ensure this, the permanent monitoring of power and environmental parameters is essential. This is the...

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With only one pair of hands and a single ServerLIFT: Safely manage, move, lift and install heavy IT equipment alone

26/05/20 09:45:00 CEST

To maintain social distancing for the protection of yourself and others is key for all work carried out within the data centre. Tasks that were until recently perfomed by two data centre professionals, today very often must be done by...

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Daxten presents the first fully customisable PDU strip with a built-in Automatic Transfer Switch at DCW on stand D600

11/03/20 09:00:00 CET

Reliable power for network devices and servers is a vital part in ensuring uptime in any data centre. IT equipment in cabinets with single power supplies, can now be safely provided with power from two different sources via a fully...

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Daxten presents the award-winning Dataracks Eco Cabinet with maximum structural rigidity at DCW on stand D600

25/02/20 09:15:00 CET

The patented and award-wining 303 Eco Cabinet from Dataracks is suitable for the use with virtually all hardware brands without the need for adapting components and will be shown on the Daxten stand D600. The complete rack range is manufactured...

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Daxten shows how to increase resource utilisation, reliability and improve efficiency through wire-free monitoring at DCW on stand 600

18/02/20 09:15:00 CET

For data centre or facility managers it is essential to ensure the most efficient use of existing power and cooling capacities. And to achieve this goal it is important to monitor power and environmental parameters on a regular basis. By...

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Daxten presents how to lift and install heavy IT equipment easily and safely to any height within the rack at DCW on stand D600

11/02/20 11:15:00 CET

Installing heavy IT equipment in the upper levels of racks is not only physically taxing, but it also poses major risks to the well-being of IT-personnel, as well as potential damage to expensive hardware. The ServerLIFT provides a solution to...

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Daxten demonstrates fully customisable rack PDUs with integrated wire-free radio monitoring capabilities at DCW on stand D600

11/02/20 11:00:00 CET

In the event that data centre experts have special requirements for power distribution within their data cabinets, the Daxten YourPDU powered by Schleifenbauer is the ideal choice. It is fully customisable and therefore an excellent way to get a solution...

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Anord Mardix and Daxten form a strategic partnership to deliver highly efficient end-to-end safe mission critical power distribution solutions

04/02/20 10:30:00 CET

Anord Mardix, a global leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for critical power distribution and protection equipment, and Daxten, a provider of smart technologies for data centre monitoring and power infrastructure, announce a strategic partnership agreement.  From today Daxten, through all...

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