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Fujitsu and Daxten selected as DCD EMEA AWARD 2014 FINALISTS for use of Packet Power technology

20/11/14 09:30:00 CET

Fujitsu and Daxten have being named finalists in the Data Centre Dynamics EMEA Awards 2014. Fujitsu's Project Empower utilised Packet Power's wireless power and environmental monitoring solution and was recognised in two separate categories: Innovation in the Mega-Data Center and...

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A golden opportunity for an alliance between Server Technology and Daxten for efficient power distribution in data centers

05/11/14 10:00:00 CET

Reno/London, 5th November 2014 – Data centre and facility managers place a premium on ensuring that power distribution in their data centre is not only reliable and safe, but also uses energy and resources efficiently. After all, it acts as...

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Monitor and optimise vital power and environmental values in the data centre with the latest wire-free monitoring technology

22/09/14 11:00:00 CEST

In a data centre, the key to distributing loads optimally, structuring power usage more efficiently, saving energy and protecting yourself from the threat of system failures is understanding your power consumption and environmental parameters. To do this, you need a...

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Free checklist to identify potential leak risks in the data centre

17/07/14 12:15:00 CEST

There are a lot of good reasons why data centre experts need to deal with the issue of leaks: the fact is, leaks have always been one of the primary causes of unscheduled downtime in data centres along with human...

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Have you already gone wireless or are you still dealing with cables? A different approach to power and environment monitoring in data centres

09/07/14 01:15:00 CEST

Everyone knows that if you want to improve something, you have to be able to measure it. Which explains the current market boom for monitoring power and environmental parameters in data centres: monitoring tools have proven to have a wide...

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zLock keeps power cables from dislodging and disconnecting and prevents system disruptions and failure of IT equipment

04/07/14 02:15:00 CEST

The reliability of power distribution in data centres depends to a large degree on how securely the power cable is connected. When maintenance or configuration work is performed, for example, the cables between active IT devices and the power source...

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