Daxten RackAccess 16IP

Please note: The RackAccess products are End of Life. Please contact us for alternative products.

LCD Drawer with KVM over IP

The latest of developments of the successful RackAccess series is the RackAccess 16IP. This KVM console contains an integrated 16 port KVM Switch and secure remote access over IP.

The integrated 16 port KVM Switch

The integrated SCOUTutp is a multiplatform KVM switch for PS/2, USB and SUN servers. UTP / STP cable and computer adaptors reduce the need for expensive cable installation and allows for changing configurations. If your hardware changes, you can change the adaptor without needing to rewire the rack. If the distance between server and console change, the standard CAT5 / CAT5e / CAT6 cable can be easily changed. Ideal for changing environments.

Integrated Remote Access - KVM over IP

The integrated KVM over IP unit allows for remote access to any computer through a secure internet connection. Total access to BIOS level is available without any software - only an internet browser. The network access is possible via 10/100 MBit/s LAN, DSL or modem.

Keyboard & Mouse

The PS/2 compatible 102 keyboard is available in most languages (including English US, English UK, German, French, Spanish and many more) each with a full numpad. The two-button PS/2 compatible Touch Pad is ergonomically placed and is Microsoft Intellimouse compatible.

LCD Flat Display

The high-resolution, antistatic LCD color screen of the RackAccess is VGA, SVGA and XGA compatible and includes an internal power supply. The On-Screen-Display (OSD) controls allow the configuration of contrast, brightness, balance, picture geometry and more.


The RackAccess can be installed into standard 19" rack of any height. The unit is securely mounted to the rack in front and back on both sides for a sturdy fit. In order to accomodate different rack bracket depths, the rear attachments of the RackAccess can be adjusted.

Specifications LCD Drawer

  • LCD Display 15,1" 17" or 19" LCD Active Matrix
  • Resolution max. 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz (15.1" models)
  • Resolution max. 1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz (17" and 19"" models)
  • Max. 16 million colours (Dithering)
  • Viewing angle 160° horizontal / vertical
  • VGA / SVGA / XGA compatible, HD15 connector
  • Keyboard with numeric numpad
  • Keyboard port PS/2 compatible
  • TouchPad with 2 mouse buttons Microsoft Intellimouse compatible
  • Installs quickly in standard 19" racks
  • Dimensions : 19" 1U

Specification integrated KVM Switch

  • Multi-platform kvm switch, adaptor supports PS/2, SUN, USB
  • Distance up to 20m between KVM switch and CPU via UTP or STP cable
  • Programmable scan mode
  • On-Screen-Display with password protection
  • Configure access privileges to different users
  • Full keyboard and mouse emulation during boot-up and operation
  • Cascadable up to 256 servers
  • Operating systems: DOS, all Windows systems, Linux, Netware, Solaris

Specification integrated IP Access

  • Transmission of video, keyboard and mouse signals
  • Max. video resolution: 1024 x 768 @ 75Hz
  • Automatic adjustment of data rate to transmission line
  • Can be controlled over all java-capable browsers
  • Access via 10/100 MBit/s LAN, DSL or modem
  • HTTP/1.1 und HTTPS (secure) Web Server
  • Proprietary Console-Video-Protocol
  • 2 PS/2 plugs for keyboard and mouse
  • HD 15 connector for monitor
  • Serial port for configuration and external modem
  • 256 bit SSL encryption of all transmitted data
  • Certificate management
  • Persistant logging of all important events
Manufacturer Code Description
DAXTEN 3115-116MIP-xx RackAccess 16IP with 15" LCD display
LCD console with integrated 16 port kvm switch over IP
DAXTEN 3117-116MIP-xx RackAccess 16IP with 17" LCD display
LCD console with integrated 16 port kvm switch over IP
DAXTEN 3119-116MIP-xx RackAccess 16IP with 19" LCD display
LCD console with integrated 16 port kvm switch over IP
CPU Interface Cable
DAXTEN 2364-01P SCOUTutp CPU Adaptor PS/2
DAXTEN 2364-01U SCOUTutp CPU Adaptor USB
DAXTEN 2364-01S SCOUTutp CPU Adaptor SUN