Geist RackNet DCiM

Optimum power monitoring, comprehensive environment monitoring and efficiency reports for all hardware in data centres

The Geist Racknet DCiM solution is the ideal monitoring, visualisation and capacity management solution for all of the mission-critical hardware in your data centre. The DCiM solution is supplied as a stand-alone solution preinstalled on a server. All rack and network components are automatically identified by SNMP, making system setup quick and easy. Because the solution is vendor-neutral, data centre hardware from virtually any manufacturer can be integrated. A convenient and web-based user interface provides an overview of the operating states and environmental parameters of the devices integrated into the Racknet DCiM solution. Asset management and reporting on power consumption, power usage effectiveness and temperatures is performed, for example, for a complete rack row, an individual rack or IT device. All metrics and reports are clearly displayed and, depending on needs, shown in a 2D or 3D view, on a dashboard or in table format. The Racknet system automatically triggers a warning via SNMP if critical and preset limits for power and environmental parameters are exceeded. 

Flexibly scalable and ideally equipped for every monitoring requirement of a data centre infrastructure

The standard model of the system for monitoring rack environments is designed with a raised floor infrastructure. Optionally, the Racknet solution can also be expanded to monitor electrical operating rooms and for integration into fire prevention and building management systems (BMS) as well as other facility management, protection and security solutions.

Highlights of the Racknet DCiM system:

  • Asset management for data centres with a raised floor infrastructure
  • Monitoring of power and environmental parameters
  • Status report for rack hardware
  • Reports on consumption and capacity utilisation
  • SNMP alarm when limits exceeded
  • Optional enhancement to integrate into BMS


  • SNMP
  • SMTP
  • Niagara
  • TCP/IP
  • HTTP
  • HTTPS (with license)
  • XML

Optional support for:

  • BACnet
  • Modbus
  • LonWorks
  • Hardwired I/O

Server specifications for the integrated Racknet solution:

  • Dual Core Intel processor
  • Dual Gb NIC
  • Redundant (RAID1) 250GB hard drive
  • 4GB RAM
  • Linux OS
  • 1RU chassis for rack installation